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What the New CCNA Version 2 Means to Your Career

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Cisco networking expert Anthony Sequeira dives into what is covered on the new ICND1v2 and ICND2v2 exams and explains how those required skills will shape your IT career.

For more information on the new Cisco CCENT/CCNA exams, including special offers and study guides, visit our Cisco Press "About CCNA" page.

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When you look at the new CCNA version 2 courses and exams from Cisco Systems, you realize that this certification track just got a whole lot tougher. This is actually great news! Employers will respect this certification and the skills that you possess as a result of it all the more.

Was the CCNA 1.1 already respected? Well – let’s take a look at some top certification ratings.

The training giant Global Knowledge released a 2013 salary survey for top-paying IT certifications. Where did CCNA fall? Try fifth place with an average salary of $94,799.

JobStock places it third on their list of top IT certifications. According to them, CCNA is more in demand than even VMware-certified individuals.

So we know that the certification is highly respected. We know that once you achieve it, doors should begin to open for you. But what specifically are you proficient at once you achieve this certification? Let us examine that in detail in this article. I will place particular emphasis on the scope of what you learn. You see, it is not just sufficient to provide a list of topics; you can acquire that from the Cisco Certification website. What you really need to know is the depth of your expertise in these various areas. This will allow you to find and excel in the right spot for you within the vast IT world.


Let us start in the most logical place – ICND1. This is the first of two courses for CCNA certification, and this one comes with a bonus. Pass the exam associated with this course and you immediately enter the world of Cisco Certification as a CCENT. Cisco has bolstered this course and exam so dramatically that it now stands as the only prerequisite required for many other certification program tracks (things like Cisco Wireless and Cisco VoIP).

I will break this certification down for you now in major aspects that you will learn. Remember, I will do this in my own way with an emphasis on scope. If you are interested in the official exam objectives and the course outline, just visit the Certification homepage at Cisco.com located here:


The Functions of Networking

In this area of ICND1 you will learn all about the importance of networking today. Perhaps most importantly, you learn about the different devices that play an important role in computer networking and what they do. For example, you learn about the important functions of a router and a switch. For my ICND1 book, I created a video regarding the basics of these routers and switches and added it to the Additional Resources section. If you would like to check out this video – visit:

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